The Peninsula Hotels brings back its SnowPage toys and the spirit of giving this Christmas

The Peninsula Hotels is ready for Christmas bringing back their adorable little holiday mascots, the SnowPage for the holiday season. And with SnowPage comes the chance for guests to win an ultimate Peninsula experience with the “Golden Tickets”, offering prizes for all the family.

The cuddly toy is on sale for a good cause. Funds raised from the sale of SnowPage stuffed toys will go to various foundations and non-government organizations in different cities, devoted to uplifting the plight of underprivileged children. The Peninsula Manila, for instance, the collections will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Popular with their guests, the fundraising project has raised more than $1.5 million since it was launched in 2003.

This year the company has also partnered with luxury toy-art collective Papinee. Papinee has hand-crafted 10 limited-edition SnowPage toys, with the lovable snowman dressed in costumes inspired by the arts, culture and architecture of each Peninsula destination, with just 300 SnowPages created for each city. So the Peninsula Hong Kong SnowPage will be dressed in a dark navy jacket, embroidered with vintage neon motifs, The Peninsula Beijing SnowPage will wear a signature Page cap with his red patterned coat with a traditional Chinese dragon design. A New York SnowPage is stylish in red, white and blue with hints of New York’s Art Deco movement, while the Tokyo SnowPage will be dressed in a classic cherry blossoms-embellished kimono.

The much-touted Golden Tickets and prizes are kept hidden inside these SnowPage boxes – making this the perfect gift of the season. The prizes include a two-night stay for four in the participating hotels’ top suites, daily breakfast and dinner for four, Peninsula Academy will arrange for various family experiences including exclusive picnics, kite-flying, dim sum and other dessert cooking classes and much more.
The SnowPage can be purchased at the hotels for $75 each.

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