The Ritz-Carlton Abu-Dhabi, Grand Canal serves camel milk concoctions to mark the Holy Month of Ramadan

Recently inaugurated Ritz-Carlton Abu-Dhabi, Grand Canal has ‘something new’ and innovative to offer its guests this summer. One of the most awaited hotel of 2013 creates a variety of concoctions of protein-rich camel milk, all thanks to its in-house Camel Milk Mixologist – Mohammad Daoud. Guests have the liberty to choose from a number of flavors, ranging from sweet strawberry to refreshing mint. More so, Mohammad says, that with Ramadan nearing, he wanted to create something special. Camel milk has a high level of protein and additional nutrients, which would be the best beverage to consume before the day long fast. The beverages have been made available at Mijiana, the hotel’s Arabic restaurant, and will also be offered after Ramadan, so that both, regional as well as international customers can experience the hotel’s local offering.

Ritz-Carlton Abu-Dhabi also makes provisions for guests to meet the Mixologist, wherein they can have concoctions made as per their preferences, and receive recommendations from Mohammad as to what cuisine tastes best with which camel milk flavor.

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[Via – The-Ritz-Carlton-Abu-Dhabi-Grand-Canal]