The Ritz Carlton London ties up with British Vogue and GQ for an immersive theater experience

Just yesterday I read in a book, a man describing his cousin saying she was so good at marketing that she would be able to sell water to a drowning man. He wasn’t exaggerating; such is the power of marketing. Room No. 8 is an example of such a drive that is making waves in the hospitality and advertising industries. In June, the White Space Gallery in London brought a unique, multi-sensory performance-art experience for a select crowd. It was presented by the Ritz Carlton in collaboration with British Vogue and British GQ featuring prominent personalities from the visual effects, sound and immersive theatre.

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This was organised to “further levels of engagement and interest in the Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide”. The hotel will use footage from this footage and use it in a creative campaign running on both the magazines. Consumers who attended the show were treated to food and cocktails. This is followed by a research by Shullman Research Centre that said a marketing strategy that takes all five senses into consideration is the best approach. And this campaign exemplified the study.

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