Nestled in the Swiss Alps the Whitepod Hotel is trading in log cabins for sustainable pods

The Swiss Alps have always been the best example of a winter wonderland with their tall conifers, snow covered slopes and picturesque views. However, this year you’ll want to swap your traditional log cabins for something a little more sustainable. The Whitepod Hotel is offering discerning guests a chance to combine luxurious comfort and eco-friendly living through their 15 geodesic domes that offer stunning views of the snowcapped mountains. The pods are situated around a large chalet which is home to the dining and spa areas.

whitwpod 1
From the outside the set up resembles a kind of futuristic campsite, but on the inside the domes are comfortable enough to rival any chalet suite. Available in Cozy, Family, and Deluxe versions, the insulated pods include a wood-burning stove, fully-equipped bathroom, large terrace, access to a sauna and daily tea time.
whitwpod 2
The Deluxe pod additionally offers a satellite TV, minibar, in-pod massages and delivered breakfasts. Activities on offer include spa treatments, skiing, hiking, dog sledding and even paragliding.
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The reception area is a 20 minute walk from the suites and guests are given a backpack, map, headlight, snowshoes and a walking stick on arrival.
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The pods make for an unusual escape in both summer and winter as there are plenty of seasonal activities to be enjoyed. In summer the pods are covered with green canvas while in winter they are white to match the surrounding snow.
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[ Via : Earthables ]

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