The World’s first and only Chanel Spa is now open at the Ritz Paris

If there is one hospitality brand that loves and respects the Chanel lineage more than anyone else, it has to be the Ritz Paris. In the past, the hotel has paid a fitting tribute to Coco Chanel by accommodating the Chanel Au Ritz Paris and the iconic Coco Chanel Prestige Suite within its premise. However, if that alone wasn’t enough, the brand is now set to open doors to the new Chanel Spa, that honors the most celebrated designer (and resident at the Ritz Paris) in a grand way!

Part of the Chanel Au Ritz, the spa is designed by interior designer Thierry W. Despont who has focused on inducing deep relaxation as well as recreating the aesthetic experience that Coco Chanel had curated for herself. The designer’s famous quote, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” is reflected in every part of the Chanel au Ritz Paris, with the Chanel spa focusing on enhancing each guest’s best self through its premium offerings.

Amongst its many bespoke services, the spa includes the signature Chanel massage, rejuvenating skincare therapies, facials, and makeup applications using classic Chanel skincare products. Its interiors embody a black-and-white palette, Coromandel lacquer screens, gilded mirrors, numerous portraits, sketches, and photographs, rock crystal chandeliers as well as swathes of velvet, each reflecting on the reigning fashion queen’s opulent preferences. The Chanel Spa is located within the premium two-storey Ritz Club at the Ritz Paris.


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