The Lodge at Kauri Cliff is awarded the best hotel in New Zealand

If you don’t settle for anything that doesn’t come with the superlative tag of ‘the best,’ here is something that you should make a note of for your next vacation spot. The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is the only property in New Zealand that has made it to the 2012 Gold List of the World’s Best Places to Stay with an impressive score of 98.4.

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The list was drawn up by the US magazine Condé Nast Traveler where it took inputs from its readers. The scores assigned here suggest the percentage of respondents who rated a property excellent or very good on specific criteria depending on the property in question. Similar ratings and lists were drawn up for other segments like hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. For more on the other names who made it to this elite list, check out their official page here.
[Luxury Travel Magzine]

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