The Ritz-Carton Hong Kong opens up as the world’s highest hotel

Being a country that is house to a large number of five-star properties, why does the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong garner so many eye-balls? Well, for starters, it lies 500 meters above ground level, making it the world’s highest hotel. Offering the best panoramic views of Hong Kong, the Ritz-Carlton sits pretty on top of the 488 meters tall International Commerce Centre. While the hotel boasts of the Italian restaurant Tosca, the restaurant’s highlight is the Chocolate Library, a cacao-themed lounge that serves a chocolate high tea.

If you are an alcohol lover, you might prefer hitting the glamorous Ozone bar, which is the world’s tallest in its league, which along with restaurants Tosca and Teen Lung Heen, servers 8,580 bottles of wine. The bar is a gilded wood, leather, and marble structure that serves cocktails, Japanese cuisine, and Asian tapas.
However, the pick of the lot is the world’s highest swimming pool at 118th story. Nestled inside, it features 144 screens on the ceiling to keep the swimmers completely interested. While a deluxe suite is priced at HK$6,000 ($770) for each night of stay, the presidential suite will need you to fork out HK$100,000 ($12,835) per night. Click here for details.