These shipwreck inspired lodges surrounded by desert sands could be Namibia’s answer to glamping

Situated along Namibia’s famous Skeleton Coast is a unique lodge accommodation by tour company Natural Selection, that’s inspired by the many shipwreck’s that litter the coast. These unorthodox structures combine the sense of adventure that shrouds the Skeleton coast with the comfort and amenities of a convenient cabin. The exterior of these shipwreck accommodations seems to match the sparse scenery of the region, but on the inside, comfortable amenities await.

Natural Selection constructed are eight twin or double rooms, plus two kid friendly two family tents that are all solar powered.

Each room boasts an ensuite with a shower, toilet and washbasin and of course, essential guest amenities.

A wood burning stove adds extra warmth to the space. Large windows and an all-wood interior gives the rooms the feel of an ultra-modern log cabin.

The location of this luxury camp is remote, but at its center you’ll find a lounge and restaurant.

Designed by a Namibian team, architect Nina Maritz and interior designer Melanie van der Merwe, the spaces certainly reflect a modern and luxurious take on camping.

Northern getaways like Iceland have usually been considered the best destinations for luxury camps, but it’s good to see other destinations offer up interesting travel and tourism options to those seeking to move away from crowded tourist hangouts.


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