This Halloween, take a look at The Hilton Tokyo’s ultimate take on gruesome gastronomy

With Japan being an unwritten world ambassador of all things bizarre, the grand Hilton Tokyo too decided to partake in the nation’s love for the strange and inexplicable. And what better occasion do so than Halloween! While tricking, treating, and dressing up are all an inherent part of the modern festivities for the day, the hoteliers in Tokyo seem to have decided to let Halloween be what it truly is- spooky and outright ghastly!

In its commitment to offer a unique Halloween experience to guests, the Hilton Tokyo has conjured some eccentric delicacies like the spider web cake and the black bun cheeseburgers. Apart from these, the buffet also offers a spread of cupcakes topped with gigantic creepy eyeballs that stare right back at you. If glaring at you from the top of desserts wasn’t enough, the creepy eyes also find their way in the ‘Witch organ soup’ along with gummy worms and life-size entrails swimming atop its surface. Furthermore, you can celebrate the occasion by cutting a blood dripping mouse cake or relish on the finger cookies that are nestled in a pile of mushy chocolate poop.
Disregard, if you may and can its eerie appearance, the buffet is backed by the freshest of ingredients such as raspberry extracts and strawberry reductions amongst an array of edible elements that taste equally good. By making even the very best desserts look unappetizing as hell, the Hilton Tokyo has surely done up the Halloween blueprint just about right!

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