This hotel in Chicago has recreated the Home Alone experience to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the blockbuster movie

A holiday classic like ‘Home Alone’ may never be created again. However, to help us relive the magic, the Graduate Evanston in Chicago has unveiled an exclusive stay experience surrounded around the plot of the movie.

Titled ‘The King Mccallister Experience’, the package will include a suite that is branded the ‘Home Alone Room’ which is exactly like the one shown in the movie. It will feature a four-poster bed and red sheet set, a wallpaper, a bathroom stacked up with vintage aftershave, Kevin’s “battle plan” map for the robbers, popcorn scattered throughout the room, and portraits of family members laying helter-skelter. Because, feels!

The experience will also include access to a polaroid camera, a minibar, an in-room theatre with Home Alone movies on demand, and portions of cheese pizza to devour. Commenting on it, CEO and Founder of Graduate Hotel, Ben Weprin said, “Home Alone is all about youthful optimism and playful mischief, and those sentiments and nostalgic feelings are the epitome of the types of stories we try to bring to life in our hotels.”

The Home Alone room is now open for booking at the Graduate Evanston in Chicago indefinitely. Proceeds from the bookings will partially be donated to Lurie Children’s Hospital, which gives you yet another reason to grab this experience soon!

[Via: Forbes]

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