This luxurious Swiss hotel now accepts payments in Bitcoins

While many may beg to differ, cryptocurrency is probably here to stay. One of the many to think on these lines is Switzerland’s iconic Dolder Grand hotel that will now allow guests to pay bills using bitcoins. The move was welcomed by the establishment in close collaboration with a Swiss company Inacta AG and is probably one of the most innovative projects in the hospitality sector to date.

The novel payment method is introduced with the help of an app called Inapay that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies and easily convert them into the Swiss franc or the euro upon completion of the transaction. Owing to the instant conversion ease, dealers are also saved from fluctuations in the fall of the crypto and can in fact benefit by providing customers yet another means of payment. The move is part of the Dolder’s pilot project with Inacta and will be made available onward May 1. If successful, it will be rolled out to several other interested merchants across the country.

Commenting on the advanced project, Director of Finance at Dolder Hotel AG André Meier said, “Many of the improvements in our service in recent years were made possible by advances in technology. As we believe Bitcoin is here to stay, it only seems natural to offer more choices in the payment process.” He further added that the move was primarily welcomed for the well-being of guests by allowing them as many options as possible to pay for services. Now, that’s how you embrace technology folks!


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