This luxury hotel in India has converted its massive 150 metre swimming pool into a full-blown fish farm to help survive the pandemic

The pandemic has hit us in several ways. But it sure got the crazy genius out of a luxury hotel in India which recently converted its sprawling swimming pool into a full-fledged fish farm amid lockdown. Yes, that’s right!

In the absence of guests (and revenues), the Aveda Resort in Kerala decided to litter its 150-meter, 7.5 million-liter pool with pearl spot fish. The hotel plans to harvest the sea-creatures in November and export them to Middle Eastern markets where they are said to be in high demand.

Commenting on the ingenious idea, Aveda’s general manager Jyotish Surendran in a statement said, “We have had zero revenues, so in June, we put around 16,000 two-month-old pearl spot fish in the pool.” The four-tonne haul of pearl spot fish is expected to fetch the property approximately $40,000 in sales.

While the current set-up at the Aveda Resort is only temporary and will be moped out as soon as guests start coming in, the hotel is looking for ways to continue farming fish. “We can’t continue with this farm in the pool, but we are trying to find alternative land where we can build up this knowledge for bigger projects,” said Surendran.

The revenues from fish farming, though not enough to cover the losses caused by the pandemic, are expected to help the resort sail through for the time being!

[Via: The National]

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