This luxury resort in Greece will go to great lengths to pamper your pooch

When you’re holidaying in a faraway land, more often than not you will need to leave your pet dog over at a rather depressing hostel. While your furry pooch is sure to sulk over this treatment, you too are bound to be drawn towards him or her in mind and spirit every few minutes. And what a holiday spoiler this can be! One of the many reasons why owners leave their pet dogs behind on holiday is the no-pet policy adopted by most resorts and hotels across the globe. However, you may be able to turn these things in your favour if Greece happens to be your Holiday destination this year!

Here to treat your dogs like thy Majesty is the Danai Beach Resort in Northern Greece that is setting some kickass pet service goals for the hospitality industry. Each of the furry guests is welcomed with a bowl of spring water at the hotel, which is further followed by a cosy slumber in a dog bed by the room as well as by the pool. For more fun and frolic, your four-legged friend also gets to play all day with a wide selection of toys! You can further pamper him silly with a luxurious gourmet meal each night, or a relaxing spa session in between.

The Danai Beach Resort unsurprisingly is also a member of “The leading hotels of the world”. For humans too the destination is a treat as it presents the most pristine white sandy beaches, lush gardens and more. And as surprising as it may sound, your pet dog gets all this pampering in for a Nil Fee at the Danai Beach Resort! If this isn’t temptation enough to start planning your next trip to Greece, then we don’t know what is!


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