This Wizard of Oz’ themed hotel room comes with its own Yellow Brick Road

It’s time to get transported to the magical world of Oz! Well, not literally, but with a tour of an enchanting hotel suite that is inspired by the classic 1939 movie – Wizard of Oz!

Located in NY, we’re talking about the Roxbury Motel that is well-known welcoming guests to delightful themed experiences. As part of its latest offering, it has opened doors to an Oz themed room complete with an emerald bedding, a real-life yellow brick road, and even poppies in the bathroom.

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The colorful suite offers an out-worldly experience with a décor that sparkles with Oz magic and more! It also features a king-size bed and sofa bed, a wall-size painting of the Emerald City as well as a pair of ruby red slippers!

Describing the paradise, the Roxbury Website reads, “The goal is to shy away from the typical modern hotel minimalism into a sort of maximalism,” while further adding, “As long as cleanliness and comfort are never neglected and there is always a nod to elegance and quality, we have learned that, like us, most people are hungry for something different. Something unique. Something not taupe.”

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Christened as “The Wizard of Emeralds” room, stays at this Oz heaven are priced between $182 to $275, although bookings are full until the end of the month. In case you’re willing to visit it for later, head on the Roxbury website now!

[Via: My Modern Met]