Top Three most luxurious hotels in Dubai

Dubai is the place to be, with celebrities owning an apartment or two in its superbly constructed and well-advertised fantastic resorts. Given that we can produce a list of the Top three luxurious hotels in Dubai. Needless to say, all three are five stars; we can have an interesting countdown to them. Standing in the third position is the Bab Al Shams resort having 113 rooms and literally stranded in the middle of the dunes. The resort has a spectacular grid of low rise buildings made of pre-scratched, crumbling mock sandstone, filled with hidden corridors and secret stairways. Second, in position is the Al Maha resorts, one of Dubai’s most expensive resorts. Located in a pristine desert landscape, the Al Maha resort is reserved for a select few.

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Last in the countdown but first in our charts is a hotel which needs no introduction. We’re talking of the Downtown Burj Dubai which is easily the world’s tallest building in the world and also set to remain in that position for a long time now. The suites in this hotel have the best quality furnishings and luxury touches. This is a hotel which is sure to appeal to the business as well as leisure guests.

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