V8 Hotel in Stuttgart offers automotive themed rooms

If you think only Las Vegas hotels will offer you rooms with unique themes; you definitely are in for a surprise. Especially if you are a car enthusiast who is looking to spend his/her time in a room decorated like your favorite car, we suggest you head straight to Stuttgart. Heck, if you are a car enthusiast, you must definitely make it a point to stay at the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart. The unique hotel comprises different areas, including an old airport building that houses the standard rooms and another building called “the old shipyard” that features the automotive rooms. And it’s these “automotive rooms” that will blow you away. You can choose from various auto-themed rooms like the AutoKino, which is designed like a drive-in movie and features a Caddy bed, the V8 Camp outdoors-themed room with the sexy swing, the Racing featuring manufacturer logos and racers at the track.

You can also opt for the Werkstatt room, which features a garage with a Morris and mechanic’s legs, or the Carwash, which features an old Benz with spinny-brushes, the Tuning with racing buckets and a lot of tiger print, the Nostalgie, which resembles a junkyard, the Tankstelle that is themed like a gas station and comes complete with a Herbie. But my favorite is the unique Vision, which features a turbine-like sleeping area. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the hotel offers an out-west Route 66 themed motorcycle room.
Of course, if you fall in the wealthy bracket, you can indulge yourself by splurging on the 3-story, 90 square-meter Zeppelin suite, which offers you a 20 square-meter roof terrace, a sauna, and a view of the old airport.
This hotel with its unique automotive themed rooms is sure to make the hearts of every car enthusiast go “vrrooom”.

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