W Hotels plans for Namaste Tower to welcome guests in true Indian style

Hotels these days! Just because the hospitality and tourism sector seems to be blooming worldwide, they are as extravagant as they can get. Recently it was the Olympic Park in China with its ping-pong shaped hotel. Now, it is Mumbai with its Namaste-shaped offering. The W Hotels has unveiled plans for its Namaste Tower scheduled to be open in July 2015. It will be a 984-foot-tall building featuring 62 floors of hotel, office, and retail space. Namaste, which means “I bow to you” in Sanskrit, is the traditional way of greeting in India, where the hands are clasped together. Obviously, trying to gain the brownie points at home and from all around the world, the hotel will have two wings that will form the building’s corridor spaces and a pair of open atria, which will also feature internal gardens.

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The lead architect of the tower is WS Atkins and is designed to cater to the scintillating Indian wedding market. The hotel will also feature a Sky Restaurant and Bar with a stunning view of the busy city.

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