Wag Hotel is the place for your pooch

The next time your pooch and you want to vacation, finding a pet friendly hotel is not such a problem. Wag Hotel is the place to go because they promise to pamper your pet with all the luxuries that befits their personality. The hotel offers luxury suites that feature plasma TVs, premium beds, sofas, rugs, and paintings. Meals are served with careful consideration to the diet. Organic food is also on the menu. If poochie wants some action he can join the playgroup that meets twice a day with classical music listening sessions thrown in for a good measure. Dive into the pool, take a relaxing massage, attentive staff 24X7…all that’s not for you, but your pet!

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Check out the Wag Hotel here. You can check the place out personally between 0800 and 1800 hrs or request an appointment. Luxury Suites cost $72 a day.