Watch out luxury hotels – AirBnB is about to launch a premium version of itself

Airbnb will now be called ‘luxurious’ too. Currently, the brand is perceived as a place to be booked by the young and capable of affording slight luxury. Not only sightseeing, but also living there is an attractive proposition, but mainly for youth.

Airbnb has realised that affluent and/or older and/or those willing to spend (honeymoon, etc) is put off as there is no ‘hotel’ booking in spite of already offering high-end accommodation. Thus, they will now enter the empire of luxury by introducing a facility that will match guests with quality-inspected home and apartment rentals. They will now directly compete with sumptuous hotels whose admirable stories we get to hear after a trip. Airbnb is going through a meticulous procedure involving many steps (listed below).

Step I: The finest Airbnb host homes will be chosen for this massive venture.

Step II: Inspectors will travel to the respective destinations to ensure that they pass the criteria to be part of its new luxury platform. This will include having swish bed linen to lush towels, single-use toiletries, bottled water, coffees usually found in hotel bathrooms, etc.

Step III: Hosts will be sent a professional photographer to take pictures of their cottage/apartment/villa. They will also be offered a consultation with an interior designer.

They will accordingly be eligible to feature on the new section of the Airbnb website and app. Although there is no concrete name for the function yet, it’s internally been dubbed ‘Select’. A pilot is expected to launch this week, and the full service by the end of the year.


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