Welcome the new US President with the JW Marriott President’s Inauguration package

America is gearing up for its presidential election, and whether they get their new 45th President or bring back their 44th one will be interesting to watch. And at the 57th swearing-in ceremony, JW Marriott Washington, DC, will be at the center of all the proceedings. Located at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue on 14th Street, NW, you can enjoy all the action in the lap of luxury as it happens from the hotel’s viewing gallery high, which will be created at its 7,300 sq. ft. outdoor sky terrace. Available for a group of 300 lucky people, it will cost $2.7 million to rent.

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Apart from the regular grandeur, the heated luxury viewing gallery can expect it to be done up with crystal chandeliers and six 52” HDTVs on the 12th-floor terrace. The JW President’s Inauguration package includes four consecutive nights in two luxury Presidential suites, four nights in two luxury “Running Mate” (VP) suites, 300 guest rooms for four nights, and $800,000 food and beverage and nightly keepsake inaugural amenities. Guests will also have access to the parade route entrance right outside the hotel.
57th_Presidential_Inauguration_Sky_High_Atop_JW Marriott_Washington_DC_1.jpg
The JW President’s Inauguration package was available for four consecutive nights, with arrivals on January 18, 2013, and departure on January 22, 2013.

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