Who needs a room – We pick the 11 best hotel bathrooms in the world

Sanctuary Baines Camp Botswana3) Sanctuary Baines Camp – Botswana
This bathroom makes you feel one with nature – at synch with the sights and sounds of Africa. These ‘Star Baths ‘ are elaborate tubs set up on a private viewing decks which are raised platforms above the Boro river the frothy bubble bath allows you to luxuriate in the warm water with the glow of the lanterns all around you.
From 936 pounds per night

Lagoon Water Villa 6 Senses Laamu2) Lagoon Water Villa – 6 Senses Laamu
When you have a glass bottom tub where you have control of the temperature why would anyone want to go snorkeling? The sunken bathtub lets you enjoy the sea life swimming around while you relax in your little domain.

Lion Sands Game Reserve bathroom1) The Kingston Tree House at the Lion Sands Game Reserve – South Africa
Undeniably one of the most unique bathroom concepts in the world. It is a stand alone structure built on stilts to resemble a tree house. The glass on all four sides gives you an uninterrupted view of the wild life while you shower. The tree house is about 5 minutes away from the main hotel with communication via radio. So, it is just you and the African plains.
Prices start from 608 pounds per person per night

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