Win $25,000 worth of nip and tuck from The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

For anyone in need of a little nip and tuck, a little bit of luck will help. As part of their casino’s promotion The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort will give one lucky winner $25,000 worth of plastic surgery. All one has to do is win a player’s card contest, and they can have their pick of surgeries from breast enhancements, tummy tucks, liposuction, and facelifts. Kathleen McSweeney, senior vice-president of marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts, touted this route as a new casino promotion. In her statement, she said, “Many people have something they want to change; a nip and tuck here, a lift there, but the cost of these procedures can be quite costly. This promotion will allow the winner the opportunity to get the procedures of their choice”. The contest will run from Oct 2nd to Oct 29th. The winner will choose to opt-in for a cash prize if they are unwilling to go under the knife.

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