World’s first hotelicopter – a hotel in the skies

You don’t need to go to the moon to show how crazy a traveler you are; just take a flight and spend some quality, luxurious, pampering time on air. Yeah, on-air on the helicopter. It is not a joke, there actually is something called such, and it is a combination of the world’s biggest helicopter and the world’s first flying hotel. The company involved (no names) began work in 2004 by modifying a Soviet-made Mil V-12. It will feature all the regular five-star facilities and features, including private entertainment systems, room service, spa treatments, yoga classes, gaming, and a tea garden.

It has also got some stunning statistics like weight, height, speed, and all with the point being, this is one flight that you will for sure crave for more. No prices out yet, but the inaugural flight is planned for June 26th.

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