Zadig & Voltaire’s future Paris hotel will not welcome Chinese tourists

French premium fashion label has announced the opening of their first hotel in Paris in 2014 in a gutted private mansion in the city’s Left Bank, on Rue Grenelle. This is the same space that the label had taken over to stage their debut collection. While many may rejoice at this news, it is appalling that they have stated that Chinese tourists will not be welcome at this address! The reason for this ostracism is that it will be a slightly private hotel with merely 40 rooms. This announcement has come as a shock for many as the Chinese’s love for luxury fashion is no secret. They are also undoubtedly the biggest contributors to the tourism industry and are high spenders as well.

Thierry Gillier, founder and owner of the label, has also confirmed their plans to further spread their wings in the USA, with the launch of their fourth store in New York slated for next year.

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