Zero Star hotel in the Swiss Alps offers the chance to sleep under the stars

In the fast-paced city life that we Millenials live in, it is a welcoming change to run away into the woods now and then. Or in the middle of the sea or into a tropical rainforest, or into the mountains. Plan your next trip to the Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland where you will get the chance to sleep under the stars. Literally. A double bed with plush pillows and blankets, two side tables with lamps, and no walls. There is no toilet either. As one of its founders said, “If nature calls, you can use the nature around you.”

zero-star-hotel-Switzerland (2)
This hotel was opened by twins Frank and Patrik Riklin, who have to their name the fame of opening a hotel in a former nuclear bunker in Teufen, Switzerland. The idea of the Null Stern is to give guests a chance to romance with nature by getting up, close, and very personal. You can sleep under the stars, with the backdrop of the stunning Swiss Alps. The project not only amuses the guest but also supports local farmers. The brothers have signed up a few local farmers to work as butlers – providing an added income. The food served will be coffee and organic sandwiches, while the bed will be covered with an agricultural sheet when not in use, and the pillows stowed away in a shelf. If guests are a little reserved about their nature’s calling, can use a toilet located some 10 minutes away from the hotel, which is located some 6,463 feet above sea level in the mountains of the canton of Grisons in south-east Switzerland. Null Stern means Zero Star in German.

The room charges $260 for one person per night, well worth the price for something as unique as this.

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