2012 Swarovski Christmas Snowflake Ornament is the largest till date

Swarovski has outdone themselves this Christmas, with a magnificent, large version of their annual edition Christmas ornament. Limited to a 1000 numbered pieces, this unique clear crystal snowflake is a guaranteed way to make your tree stand out from other generic christmas decorations. The snowflake retails for $1,800 which would seem a bit more for a piece that is displayed for only one month in a year. Hence it comes with a highly polished chrome metal display set which can be attached to the snowflake using the screw provided and displayed throughout the year as a breath taking show piece.

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This large snowflake adds to a sparkling collection of smaller snowflake and star ornaments and jewelry pieces.Designed by Adamer and Zeisner, it is sized at 1/4 of an inch x 10 3/8th inches.