$20.96 Million Dream Diamond

Rare gems and limited edition stuff has always been successful in capturing my eye. The sense of owning something, which very few can, is definitely overwhelming. The recently unveiled 100-carat diamond in London has epitomized the beauty of rare gems. The stunning bright yellow gem is considered to be so rare that could bag a hefty price tag of US$20.96 million. Dubbed as the ‘Dream Diamond’ and will be retailed by the Graff diamond company. They are pretty intent on partnering with some gem collector, investor, or a celebrity to bring it on the retail platform.

They say the interaction of natural forces of heat and pressure result in colored versions. Certain minerals in the rock do play a role in the natural paint job. Purple, blue, pink, yellow, green, and red diamonds all exist, although they are extremely rare. What makes this South African glittering gem stand apart from the cast is its vivid color and enormous size.

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