A ring made from meteorite sports gemstones representing planets in the solar system

If rocks from the depths of the earth fail to interest you these days, here’s a perfect bit of jewelry sourced from outer space! Sporting a band of Gibeon Meteorite, this beautiful ring also sports 9 gemstones representing each of the planets in the solar system, including rust colored Sapphire for Mercury, a golden Sapphire for Venus, an irradiated blue Diamond for Earth, a ruby for Mars, an Opal for Jupiter, a Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl for Saturn with a 24k gold ring inlaid, a green Sapphire for Uranus, a blue Sapphire for Neptune and a Black Diamond for Pluto!

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The meteorite band, complete with the gemstones, spins independent of the gold ring, makes the planets rotate around your finger, and the ring comes with a price tag of just $4,200, a sum worthy for some outer-space fashion jewelry.