A necklace created by projected light – Is this the future of jewelry?

Mobile applications these days cover all genres; from booking your favourite suite to purchasing the latest Dior bag online, but who knew you could now wear art jewellery through your mobile phone! Even we were amazed with this one. Neclumi’s PanGenerator app is all about futuristic and interactive jewellery. Yeah, you heard me right. This newly developed application directly projects the jewel on your neck.

neclumi-4For all you techno-savvy luxury lovers, this app entails a pico projector, microphone and accelerometers, through which this jewel of light will react to your actions, changing shape to suit your movements and the surrounding sounds. Before you start venturing into your App Store, I must tell you this beautiful design is currently a prototype, but the collective hope that this project will become a reality in the coming years.

neclumi-4“If we’re having less and less in terms of physical goods, for example music streaming instead of CDs and e-books instead of paper copies, the same logic might be applied to other areas like jewellery,” said the designers.

neclumi-3But the real question is can we really let go of our Harry Winston sets for non-physical forms of jewellery? I guess only time will tell with this one.

Pangenerator comprises Piotr Barszczewski, Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński and Jakub Koźniewski. Previous projects include a collection of small, vacuum formed tetrahedrons with LEDs inside, which respond to light or shadow in their immediate surroundings and create waves of light when arranged in groups.

[Via – Ufunk]

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