A 10 carat emerald ring worth $550,000 found at Atocha shipwreck site

As per Wikipedia: ‘Nuestra Señora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha) was the most famous of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys while carrying copper, silver, gold, tobacco, gems, jewels, jewelry, and indigo from Spanish ports at Cartagena, Colombia, Porto Bello in New Granada and Havana bound for Spain. The ship was named for the parish of Atocha in Madrid’. Historians found a stunning 10-carat emerald ring on Thursday, 35 miles west of Key West. They stumbled across this ring, estimated at $550,000 while searching for the ship’s sterncastle. They also found two silver spoons and two other silver-encrusted artifacts. A few months ago, they had found a gold rosary and gold bar here as well.
[NBC Miami]

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