An Austrian band has created a stunning enamel jewelry line inspired by the works of Van Gogh

The beautiful and timeless paintings of Vincent Van Gogh are getting a new life as jewelry items. Austrian jewelry brand Freywille has reimagined some of the artist’s most famous works such as Starry Night and Almond Blossom as enameled bracelets and pendants. These items are part of Freywille’s Hommage collection which has previously featured enamel jewelry inspired by the works of artists like Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt.

The collection includes broad and narrow bangles, earrings, pendants large and small and even watches featuring beautiful enamel detailing that is derived from the artist’s original work. Standout items include the Luna pendant with the Starry Night design which is stunningly detailed and truly a form of wearable art. The Starry night items comprise a collection called Eternité while the Almond Blossom painting has inspired the L’Amandier collection. L’Amandier is available in two colorways, pale pink blossoms against a turquoise background and white flowers against a fiery red background.

You can purchase your own piece of artistic jewelry online at Freywille


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