Bijules black diamond ring

As we have mentioned about black colored diamonds now gaining recognition in our ‘titanium rings’ write up…..Diamonds are forever, irrespective of its color! Following the trend of black diamonds, Bijules has introduced its latest accessory, a black diamond, and a gold ring. The 3-carat black diamond-studded, 14k yellow gold curved bar ring is a piece of jewelry with an extremely contemporary touch to it. The sharp tapered points stretch across the hand, updating the classic brass knuckles with a much more glam touch. People have become open to the possibilities of using black diamonds to great effect in rings for their exclusivity. Shoppers are gradually more interested in buying something no one else has.

$3500 is an exorbitant sum to pay for this wacky-blacky ring. Bijules prides itself on creating custom jewelry and accessories that manifest one’s interests! Wear a small piece of their soul above the skin to share with others and identify yourself with Bijules.

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