Bucheron collaborates with Marc Newson to create the Julia necklace

Australian born-Marc Newson is an award winning designer who is multi-faceted and multi-talented, having worked in various disciplines such as timepieces, shoes, chairs and jet interiors. Bucheron recognized the designers premier talent, i.e. jewelry, as he studied the subject before his career launch, but rarely put into practice, until the collaboration with the design house. The theme that thoroughly inspired designer Marc Newson was that of mathematical equation and geometry, which he readily incorporated in to his one-of-a-kind, Julia piece. Even the name of the necklace was inspired by Gaston Julia, the scientist who discovered ‘The Fractal’, which is nothing but a fragmented geometric shape. The design of the neckpiece is complex, with 2000 paved stones studded in swirling whirlpools of diamonds and sapphires, encircling the neck in an undulating and voluminous shape.

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The white gold necklace is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 260 grams. It is incorporated with diamonds measuring 1.7mm in diameter and weighing from 0.84 to 2.50 carats at the heart of each of its sapphire whirlpools. The design of the Julia Fractal is so intricate that it took about 1500 hours for the Bucheron craftsmen to recreate it. The Julia necklace is the first to endorse the mathematical equation, and it still, ironically remains undulating in its design.

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