Bulgari captures the irreverent magic of the ‘80s in their Wild Pop jewelry collection

Bulgari’s latest jewelry collection is a throwback to the days of big hair and spandex – the electric eighties! The collection is called Wild Pop, a fitting characterization of the musical decade that spawned stars like Prince and Madonna. Just like the ‘80s, this collection is colorful and over-the-top, brimming with statement necklaces, gemstones, and bold designs. The brand drew particular inspiration from the fashion and art of the time, with a special reference to Andy Warhol.

The collection offers a wide range of motifs, from the tongue-in-cheek cannabis leaf (perhaps a current reference as well given its legal status in some states), to geometric shapes and chain links. These jewelry items feel like updated versions of some of the bling you once saw on your favorite 80s soap Dynasty. From the candy colored gems to the dazzling diamonds, there’s nothing subtle about this collection and that’s what we love about it.

While the rest of fashion has been steadily returning to the aughts, Bulgari took a sharp left and went further back in time. But with a result this beautiful, who can hold their nostalgia against them?


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