Captain Jack Sparrow wears $290,000 worth of jewelry on his misadventures

Apart from being the worst pirate one has heard of, Jack Sparrow also happens to be the wealthiest, if we were to believe jewelry specialist – F. Hinds. Per a recent valuation of the mean bandit’s treasure, his loot could cost well above £224,000, suming up to a gigantic $289,687! The tally comes ahead of the release of the latest instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series on Friday (26/5/2017) and has clearly left everyone intrigued for more details on Sparrow’s dusty dough!

As part of the valuation, Hinds first analyzed each piece from the buccaneer’s iconic treasure, and then weighed its worth in the real world. Coming from a Pirate’s loot, the jewelry was of questionable origin, making it harder to evaluate its price for recreation. Painstakingly enough, Hinds weighed Sparrow’s rings, namely- The Skull, The Dragon, The Flower and The Stolen, for £19,000, £4,250, £750 and £5,500 each. Furthermore, the leather and gemstone beaded bracelet on Sparrow’s wrist roughed up to £90, whereas the more opulent pieces such as his Pearl necklace and Silver crown went up to £5,500 and £200,000 each.

Apart from carefully estimating the price of Sparrow’s stolen jewelry, Hinds also price-tagged his legendary ‘Treasure of Cortés’ chest. Emblazoned with 882 pieces of Aztec gold coins, the mother of all chest is expected to cost a whopping £3,000,000 in actuality! Contemplating a career as an official pirate may not be a bad deal after all!

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