Cento Jewelry by Roberto Coin will dazzle with 100-facet diamond cut

Diamonds need no introduction. This precious stone has been the symbol of love and luxury since eternity. And now thanks to Roberto Coin, this precious stone of all has become even more luxurious and exquisite. Jewelry titan Roberto Coin decided it was time for the symbol of love to undergo an upgrade and hence he has created the Cento diamond collection. The Cento is a beautiful and revolutionary 100-facet diamond cut (which is twice as many facets as the traditional brilliant cut which has 57 facets). Unlike the traditional cut which boasts of 33 facets on the top and 24 facets on the bottom, a Cento diamond has 37 facets on the top and an incredible 63 facets on the bottom, allowing the stone to shine with hundreds of reflections of light.

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This exquisite cut is applied to all stones weighing over 0.07 carats and who fall in the clarity range from FL (flawless) to SI (small inclusions, not visible to the naked eye). Roberto Coin also makes it a point to choose only colorless or nearly colorless diamonds for this beautiful cut. The Cento Collection which is made solely from these Cento diamonds is sure to dazzle one and all.
What is more, all Roberto Coin diamonds are accompanied by a KPCS certificate, which guarantees they come exclusively from “conflict free” areas. For those in love with the brilliant 100 facet Cento diamond, there is some more good news as Roberto plans to add two new spectacular pendant necklaces to the Cento Collection.

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