Chanel shows you one day in Café Society with the latest high jewelry collection

While the thought of taking these anywhere near today’s cafés might give anyone a stroke, Chanel’s collection of diamond laden Haute Joaillerie called Café Society is inspired by the Jazz Age and provides a killer 20’s reference. Oh, and no pun intended. All our intentions are focused on marveling at Midnight, Morning in Vendôme, Broadway, Charleston, Symphony and Sunset, names of lines coinciding with where or when to wear them.

Midnight – 00:00
Much as a bejeweled journey through the day, the collection kicks of with mysterious pieces in white diamond and black onyx. A necklace worn backwards, drop earrings, an elegant albeit dark glamor exuding bracelet- all signal a stark contrast. Be it in colors and shapes or the fact that a woman is dressing up that time of the evening! Perhaps to take a walk through Paris at midnight and be lost between ages like in the Woody Allen film.

chanel-cafe-society-9Morning in Vendôme – 5:55
And then, what better way to greet the morning light than with an incredible richness of shades, design and materials. Like all things in the world that we wake up to each day, a mish mash of white gold, pink gold, Padparadscha sapphires, pink sapphires and diamonds welcomes the sunrise here. In the world of luxury, no time is too early.

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chanel-cafe-society-6Broadway – 12:00
As the day fully sets in and you make your way to Broadway, you can’t not do so with rows of diamonds in varying sizes. And it is only fit to replace the mish mash that was the adequate representation of morning’s rays with stylized geometric shape. This one, in particular evokes the New York streets, the architecture of skyscrapers and of course, the lights of Broadway.

chanel-cafe-society-7Charleston – 3:00
Later in the day, the next line is like the transition between geometric and fluid. With its pieces related to the flapper dress, it sets in the tone for the glamor that is to follow later in the evening. The stark black edges of the square juxtaposed with white diamonds are certainly reminiscent of Midnight and yet crafted to suit this time of the day.

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chanel-cafe-society-8Symphony – 6:00
Symphony at six! Oh, how poetic. And also, how exquisite, featuring clusters of diamonds in varying sizes and shapes. While one might think that description harks back to Broadway, the execution says otherwise. As glittering bits are composed in a way that create quite the opposite of geometric! Yet, it is the kind of fluidity that adheres to symmetry, showcasing a bejeweled ensemble of half notes, quarter notes and eighth and sixteenth notes.

chanel-cafe-society-10Sunset – 9:55
And as the last traces of the orange glow vanish from the horizon, a burst of gold bids goodbye. Inspired by the colors of a breathtaking sunset, it is interspersed with dazzling Padparadscha sapphires in a palette of powdery pastel pink. Fit to cheer up a forlorn princess, these speak to the onlooker like a glorious exhibition of artisan techniques, which after this showcase, will take Chanel a long, long way. This message below from Karl Lagerfeld confirms the same.


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