Christie’s is selling a 13.15-carat fancy vivid pink diamond that could fetch up to $35 million.

Photo - Christies

Putting the magnificent in the Magnificent Jewels collection is a beautiful 13.15-carat Fancy Vivid pink diamond. At Christie’s iconic New York Magnificent Jewels sale on December 6, patrons will witness the pink emerald cut diamond go under the hammer for an estimated $25 million – $35 million. Jacqueline DiSante, Christie’s associate VP, told Forbes, “Such a large diamond that is a fancy vivid pink without a modified color places it in a high-ranking position in the auction market. I think it’s incomparable to other fancy vivid pink diamonds of this size because it is a step cut in which the color speaks to the stone itself without a modified cut to enhance the color. Then being a VVS1 potentially internally flawless makes this stone absolutely incredible.”

Photo – Christies

The demand for diamonds has always been high, but the pink diamond, in particular, is winning hearts this year. The 19-carat Fortune Pink diamond fetched a whopping $29 million earlier this month at the brand’s Luxury Week in Geneva. DiSante stated, ‘I think the market this year has great momentum for fancy colored and colorless diamonds. I think that’s why the collector made the decision to sell within the past few days. Stones like these are captivating and rare and attract multiple buyers’ attention.”

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Photo – Christies

Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s international head of jewelry, says in a statement, “Following the success of the Fortune Pink . . . we are proud to have been approached by a private collector to offer this incredible diamond at auction in December. This season has seen outstanding results for fancy-colored diamonds and this particular fancy vivid pink is the highest caliber. With impressive saturation, step-cut facets, and a clarity grade of potentially Internally Flawless, this 13.15-carat fancy vivid pink is magnificently rare.”

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