Covered in diamonds this $5,600 Diaper cream lid pays homage to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s yet-to-be-born baby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pregnant, and the world cannot wait for the arrival of their royal baby. However, batting breathes and butterflies do not do justice to the celebration and aplomb that the regal unborn truly deserves. That’s why a UK jeweler has now come up with a unique idea to honor the junior with a one-of-its-kind diaper cream lid! Yes, that’s right!

Priced at $5600, the exclusive lid is designed to fit a 125g pot of Sudocrem diaper cream and is an ultimate way to welcome the junior highness into the world! It is aptly titled as ‘Meghan Sparkle’ and is created specially by Tillettts, a family-run jeweler based in Norwich. The diamond pave-set 925 sterling silver lid is doused with crystals and comes with the flags of both the UK and the US emblazoned on it. It aims to encapsulate the ‘natural charisma and sparkle of Meghan herself’ and is an ultimate ode to her pregnancy glow.

Commenting on the exclusive lid, The Tillett family in a statement to Norwich News said, “We wanted to create something that reflected the sparkling warmth and charm of Meghan’s personality whilst also creating something unique to celebrate the imminent arrival of their baby.” Although a tab bit too pricey for a nappy cream lid, proceeds from its sale will entirely go to the Ickle Pickles foundation which provides intensive care equipment for premature babies. If not for the royal baby, at least that’s reasons enough to spend on a teeny-tiny diaper cream lid!


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