Crown yourself with the £100,000 diamond tiara for free

If you want to feel like a princess for a day then head on to Bond Street in London. Stand in front of the delightful mirror in Garrad’s window display and see the £100,000 diamond and spinel tiara appear on your head magically. It’s not magic, but more of virtual reality. The aptly named, try on the tiara experience is the innovation of Holition. Teaming up with Vogue jewelry editor Carol Woolton and Garrard’s creative director Stephen Webster, Holition has created a very luxurious experience for everyday folks as a part of the Vogue’s Street Lights project

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Holition used their 3D augmented reality application that combine face tracking and real-time light reflecting technology, to create this futuristic and virtual fairy-tale experience. Prospective, wannabe princesses can stand in front of the window and can witness their very own royal makeover with the gorgeous tiara on their head. So what are you waiting for girls? Rush over to Bond Street and have your very own Kate Middleton moment.

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