De Beers changes the fate of diamonds by penetrating the world of E-commerce!

You heard about the Blue Nile making news for their online sales but now its time to make way for the big daddy of diamond, DeBeers. The diamonds are forever company; DeBeers has announced that it will be entering the world of e-commerce making all other contenders flow down like the Nile (pun intended). You can actually design your own engagement rings with a spending limit of $30,000. That’s a really cool thing as nothing is better than crafting (well almost) something that will be so close to your heart for the rest of your life. They don’t really have all the products available on the site, but products like rings and tennis bracelets that can be bought by not actually seeing them in person can be yours.

You can also buy much more expensive rings if you wish to (bigger diamonds are enticing) but unfortunately, this website won’t be the best place. You can always go to one of their stores and choose your own personal possession.

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