Diamond miners and retailers Harry Winston showcase their expansion plan

China seems to be discovering a new found love for diamonds. And if the demand grows, supply should match, which is why Diamond miner and retailer Harry Winston Diamond Corp. has unveiled plans to expand its store count across the world to 35 locations by 2016. The company currently has 19 stores: 8 in the US, 2 in Europe, 5 in Japan, and 4 in Asia. The company plans to up their existing number of stores to 26 by 2013 and 35 by 2016, composing 9 in North America, 6 in Europe, 7 in Japan, and 13 in Asia.

The company currently operates 19 stores — or salons, as the high-end retailer prefers to call them — with eight in the United States, two in Europe, five in Japan, and four in the rest of Asia.

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