Diamond studded violin brooch strikes the perfect chord with the ladies

Only a billionaire can afford to spoil his ladylove by gifting her the world’s most expensive violin. For the not-so-rich folks who wish to pamper their beloved violinist, this beautiful diamond studded violin brooch is the perfect gift. The beautiful brooch from Nadine Krakov collection is made of enamel, yellow gold and silver and set with step exquisite cut diamonds. An antique piece (circa 1920’s), it even has the signature of the maker on the back side of the violin body at the bottom to the right.

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The whole brooch measures 3″ long, 2 5/8″ wide and 1/2 thick. Said to be in excellent collection, this beautiful brooch is priced at $3,900 and available at the Nadine Krakov Collection store in Beverley hills.