Diamond-studded Castle Lizzardo is the largest gold castle

Lizzardo Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst has displayed the magnificent, diamond-studded; 18-karat gold Castle Lizzardo that is a fantasy castle that we can only dream of! The castle measuring 18-inch in width and 14-inch height, was commissioned in memory of the 15-year-old grandson of museum founder Joseph Lizzardo after he drowned in 1983. The fantasy castle perfected right down to the details found in fairytales was sculpted by Goldsmith William Tolliday of Garrard & Co (England’s crown jeweler up until 2007). It is the largest piece made by him. The castle is sculpted in yellow, white, and red gold for color and depth, while the roofs are silver and the windows shimmer in multi-faceted, rectangular diamonds.

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It is an intricately sculpted castle that hides many crevices, a little cove, and a little hoist under its bosom. It is a favorite among kids and adults as well. (Why not, it wears all that gold and diamonds!) Even though it could fetch a mammoth sum of money, nobody even dares to think about buying it because the artist is deceased, and it means too much to the museum.

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