Dog collar for $1.03million – Dogs are rocking these days!

And when I say rocking I mean that they are actually carrying rocks on them. No, they are not serving as burdened donkeys but their owners are dangling precious rocks like diamonds and other gems on their collars. Recently a dog by the name of Ritchie modeled a diamond-studded collar worth £500,000 ($1.03million) at Harrods department store, London. Designed by jeweler Stephen Webster, who created Madonna’s wedding ring, this collar is set with a Dali web cut diamonds, center stone, and a gold bone attachment. This overpriced collar is part of a collection that carries about £1.5M ($3M) worth of jewels. It was shown off by top mutt models on a 60-foot long, neon-lit catwalk at London’s Harrods.

You can snap up the ludicrously expensive stuff on the spot. While the unsold doggie gear will be heading to the store’s specialty pet department.