Edible designs set the new trend in jewelry

If you are bored with your current collection of 18 carat diamond rings and gold jewellery, Japan’s FIFT, a design studio has carefully curated a customised jewellery collection. Katsunari Igarashi and Asami Igarashi have come up with the perfect way to constantly customise your jewellery.

Don’t be shocked if you walk into their studio and find juicy raspberries on silver-plated rings or noodles to dangle from your precious earlobes. The collection entails ingredients right from your backyard! From freshly cut herbs to cherries, this is what makes up their innovative chic clips.
Adding a splash of colour to your outfit, these pieces also add that natural fragrance. Who knew jewellery could be so affordable all of a sudden?! Of course, once you’re done the delicious piece could fill your appetite!

[Via – Designmilk]

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