Euricase Multimedia Ring Box for that special someone

Most of the guys ask out their chicks with a ring someday, so there’s nothing new in that. There is much more excitement in store for your girl, if you do something totally out of the way for her, maybe by getting this Euricase Multimedia Ring box. The extraordinary feature of this ring case is that it includes an LCD screen and speaker to revive all those beautiful memories of her life through a slide show. When she curiously open the case, she will see the illuminated bed which reveals the ring and the LCD screen manifests all that you recorded for her. The memory included can do a slide show of up to 500 pictures or up to an hour of a video. (So make sure she doesn’t get bored to the highest limits and dozes off before you even ask her out with the ring!!)

The Euricase Multimedia Ring Box includes an alarm and a calendar function built into it. The standard version is worth $199 and the silver and Gold plated version costs 50 bucks extra.