Exquisite Gaîté Parisienne jewelry collection from Boucheron captures the true spirit of Paris

No woman will turn down a man who spoils her with some of her favorite stones. So if this Valentine’s Day, you wish to pamper your girl silly, why not splurge on the classic jewelry collection called Gaîté Parisienne from Boucheron. The line features exquisite work from the Parisian artists who have left no stone unturned to create this beautiful collection. Make your woman feel loved as you gift her exquisite diamond and solitaire pieces that were inspired and immortalized by Nicole Kidman in her award-winning role in Moulin Rouge. What is more amusing is that the line also features some fun pieces that are actually inspired by the famous delicacy from Paris’ pastry house Ladurée. Tease your woman with some deliciously designed earrings inspired by the famous small round cookie cakes of Paris called Macarons. The earrings are wittily crafted as they surprise you with their different colored eroded and reversible buttons.

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A unique and witty line, it captures the romantic and fun loving spirit of Paris in the most extraordinary way.

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