Floral filled Cosmos jewelry by Van Cleef & Arpels pays homage to spring and luck

Enthralled by the continuous metamorphoses of flora, the new Cosmos collection by Van Cleef & Arpels will have you dreaming of warm breezes and sprouting leaves in no time. As if in some bejeweled springtime, the collection has thousand and one interpretations of the enchanted botanical garden to pay fresh homage to nature and luck.

Capturing the lightness of a corn poppy of the flowering of a cherry tree, sprigs of lily-of-the-valley mingle with bunches of wildflowers, four-leaf clovers fuse with Cosmos flowers to expresses a delightful femininity graced by luck. Inspired by an iconic Van Cleef & Arpels flower dating from the 1950s, the Maison has transposed its forms and variations for women to create their own unique personal style.
The delicate corollas blossom against the neckline, wrist or the hand like graceful talismans while the pendant gently illuminates the hollow of the neck; the Cosmos ring between the fingers unfurls its graceful petals to illustrate all the creativity of the French jeweler. The earrings available in two sizes bring a subtle gleam to the face.

Until now, Cosmos flowers have combined gold with the sparkle of diamonds. These accessories now take on a new appearance with white mother-of-pearl and onyx. While the white mother-of-pearl produced naturally inside the seashells evokes femininity, gentleness and protection; Onyx has a remarkable black color and highly polished surface. In an ultimate touch of refinement, a diamond petal adds a precious note of asymmetry. This interplay of materials provides two new interpretations of the collection: Cosmos in pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds; and Cosmos in white gold, onyx and diamonds.

The three-dimensional design and the angle of the petals contribute a vivid freshness to the motifs. On the corolla of a Cosmos flower, subtle variations of size and orientation make each petal stand out from the others, producing an asymmetry that brings vitality to the piece. The discretely rounded profiles of the mother-of-pearl and onyx – each of them polished by hand – add to the play of light.

The setting of the diamonds has also been designed to increase the brilliance of the creations. To cover the surface perfectly, up to eight diameters of diamond are juxtaposed on each petal, which all follow a different pattern. The gems are mounted using a beaded setting, which embellishes the metal like pearls of dew. The soft curves of these precious flowers meet at the center, around a pistil represented by a 0.22 to 0.28 carat diamond. Each piece also delights the eye when viewed from below. The mother-of-pearl, onyx and diamond petals are supported by heart-shaped baskets, adding a romantic touch to the Cosmos collection. The baskets are adorned with tiny leaves, in reference to these creations’ floral inspiration.

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