Forget Me Not: A Remember Ring

Fry him literally for forgetting your birthday/anniversary. Get him the Remember Ring and he will never forget the day for the rest of his life. The ring will toast his finger the day before the important-day, and on the d-day. This Chinese torture style device is just a concept but will soon turn into a reality considering the number of forgetful people in the world. It will be available in seven styles (how vain!). Remember Rings require no special care and are completely waterproof and impact-resistant (sorry dear you can’t smash it!). Select one of the seven styles in 14k white and yellow gold. Available in sizes 10-13 and have a lifetime warranty. The jeweler will set the important date, and the ring starts heating up to 120°F for 10 seconds 24 hours a day prior and then doing it again every hour on the hour on the D-day.

It’s equipped with a micro thermopile, converting the heat from your hand into electricity so the tiny battery stays charged and the internal clock never stops.

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